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Does Michael Jordan Own the Air Jordan Brand?

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The straightforward answer is no. The brand is not owned by Michael Jordan. The renowned brand Nike launches their products as Jordan brand, but Michael Jordan gets a percentage from the revenue. Michael Jordan and Nike signed their agreement with each other in 1984, and Nike launched the Jordan brand as their subsidiary; the brand has its own identity. The Jordan Brand became so popular very soon, even in 1997, Nike started to market it as its independent brand.

All the products with the brand name Jordan are designed, produced, and marketed by Nike. However, Nike has a dedicated corporate structure, designers, and marketers. Moreover, a roster of sponsored athletes, including Michael Jordan, works to promote the Jordan brand.

In 1984, Air Jordans sneakers conquered the market at their first-time release. Right after release, this product was exclusively for Michael Jordan use, and a few months later, Air Jordans sneakers were commercially produced for the general public.

In reality, however, Nike’s relationship with the Jordan brand is multi-layered. The relationship started with shoe endorsement from a single-player and paved the way for the foundations for Air Jordan. Now the Air Jordan has turned into the gold standard in athletic shoes, eclipsing even its parent umbrella Nike. Right now, Air Jordan’s influence has seeped into other areas, with prominent fans in skateboarding culture, which started as the cult from the film ‘The Search for Animal Chin,’ in addition to an eminent sponsorship scheme for French football.

Michael Jordan’s business ties with Nike helped him collect revenue to become a billionaire successfully. He continued his journey to impact the sport and culture as well. Jordan shoes are now popular among athletes and common people for basketball play and other games.

What is the earning of Michael Jordan from Jordan brand?

In 1984, Michael Jordan signed his first deal with Nike, as the brand was ready for an upfront payment of 250,000 dollars along with its sneaker line.

At this time, Nike was an emerging company trying to compete the market of Converse and Adidas.

Same year, Nike earned 126 million dollars due to the deal, and they have kept on procuring eye-watering aggregates from that point onward. He likewise got a percentage of the income from the agreement. A shoe deal is the most practical support for an NBA player, usually making up the greater part of their income off the court since Michael Jordan got a percentage of the income from his shoe deal.

What is Michael Jordan’s Net Worth in 2022?

Most people in the world would love to be a multimillionaire. For Michael Jordan, its not a dream, but a reality. His net worth is an estimated $1.8 billion, with his salary totaling up to 90 million dollars throughout the course of 20+ seasons as an NBA player. He is regarded as one of the richest athletes in the world. He earned millions off corporate partners like Nike and Gatorade during that period. Another feather in his cap, is the co-ownership of the NASCAR team in the last dates of 2020.

Jordan earned salary approached the figure of  $93.7 million during his league career. He continues his business journey as a brand endorser with the Nike’s Jordan brand in addition to the other brands. Brand endorsements and  other business deals make $100 million every year for him.

Jordan joined sports betting firm Draft-Kings in September 2020 as an advisor along with his investor position.
Jordan, who owns the Charlotte, agreed in 2019 on a deal that made him even richer. He sold his share for 1 .5 billion dollars!

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