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How Much Does an Authentic NBA Game Ball Costs?

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The price of an official, game-ready NBA basketball may vary between $150 to $199, depending upon the brand you choose to play with. Nevertheless, Spalding website announces the cost of an official NBA game ball $169.99.

Hence replica balls may cost very low as compared to original ball ,if you are tight on budget. Replica vs Original choice depends upon the level of your play. If you are a beginner or intermediate level player, then replica is the best choice. Otherwise if you play at pro level and need practice for an official game, you should go for the original ball.
Before buying it’s important to look for few features that make an NBA game ball authentic. A good official ball must have following characteristic

  • The official NBA size is Size 7 (5″)
  • A genuine full grain leather cover that feels soft after break-in
  • Ships inflated
  • A lining for Inflation retention that help in long lasting air retention
  • Designed to play indoor only
  • NBA Game Balls that worth your Money

Spalding NBA Official Game Ball

Spalding NBA Replica outdoor

You can find a range of basketball that hit the sporting good’s shelves of many retailers. Hence the difference among ordinary balls and spalding NBA official game ball may be subtle. Your choice have a direct impact on your game performance.

  • Perfect for top-level competitive play
  • Especially designed for good bounce
  • top-notch Grip through wide channels
  • Offer impeccable consistency

If you are going to play basketball, whether for recreation or competitively, you will want to get the best basketball like the Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball. It combines excellent quality material with an incredible grip and control so that the player can improve as they play. I think that every player who loves this game should use genuine leather ball. Of course one minus is that these need a break in period for the best performance but to experience the same feeling like NBA players have – it’s worth the effort.

WILSON NBA DRV Pro Outdoor Basketball

wilson drv pro

Wilson is the NBA official basketball. This ball combines NBA official branding  with the paradigmatic  Wilson’s script

  • Enhanced durability with performance cover
  • NBA Pro seam channels promote extra grip
  • Bounce persistence with pressure lock core supplies
  • Inflation retention lining maintains air pressure
  • 1 Year Limited warranty

Harness the move that will elevate your game at pro level, with the Wilson’s DRV Pro Basketball. The outer tack skin cover adds an extra cushioning that offers ultimate grip during different atmospheric phenomenon. Long lasting air retention is maintained with inflation retention lining that promotes optimum durability.

Feature comparison of spalding vs Wilson

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