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5 Best Outdoor Basketballs for Concrete: Top Rated Picks June 2024

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Basketball is a game of patience, resilience, and the ability to maneuver yourself in different playing conditions.

There are no second thoughts that basketball is one of the top rated sports on the planet. It is praised by millions and played with ambitions. However, to test one’s skill, concrete courts are the go-to locations. Not everyone can control their dribble and perfect their shot at these spots, separate an amateur from a professional.

Although one of the essential things to maximize your potential on rough concrete surface,  is to get prime outdoor basketball equipment.The need of a durable ball is most critical, unlike traditional ones. Because a basketball player needs a ball with excellent grip, long-lasting panels, and a consistent bounce on uneven surfaces.

4 Key Factors that Effect the Basketball Play on Concrete & Outdoor Surfaces

Professionals recommend synthetic material-based basketballs especially designated for indoor/outdoor play. Their peculiar designed promote long hours of play on rough concrete or asphalt surfaces.

In contrast, the exclusive rubber-based ball’s pebbling wears out easily and is susceptible to produce an annoying pinging sound during the bounce. Moreover, the players sometimes complain about their out of round shape after use of few weeks.

Don’t forget to deal with following key factors that have substantial effect on the outdoor basketball play in addition to the right choice of the ball.

1. Weather – Weather changes have an enormous effect on your outdoor play. As the temperature changes influence the bounce of the ball significantly. Increased temperature induces pressure changes in the ball (in the case of rubber ball mainly), which ultimately effects the ball’s bounce. While in cold weather, you don’t expect the same bounce as in summer. So a good player needs to handle the ball in harsh and light weather conditions. 

These weather changes have a perfect effect on players’ handling ability, as one learns to play beyond the limitations of indoor courts’ controlled and dedicated environment. 

In an experiment we observed the effect of high temperature on the bounce of the ball and get the following graph on an average of three trials.

Temperature effects on bounce rate

2. Wind – An ultimate factor that can cause changes in the expected flight of a ball is wind. The wind becomes a game-changer when the opponents counter by blocking every shot to the hoop.

Occasionally, you feel forced to adjust your shots targeting to the slight left of the rim(if the wind is more on the right) and vice versa to cancel the effect of wind so that your ball can perfectly slide inside the basket. When it gets too windy, the team has to be too active to handle the ball among the sudden breaks and fast driving to the basket. 

3. Wet & Contaminated Surface – Rain can make the your concrete court slippery, so the importance of wearing a good traction increases. 

Fix: An anti-slippery sole of basketball shoe is a good solution for the wet surface play.

Similarly, if you use the parking area as an outdoor court, be careful with oil patches from vehicle leaks. Oil will contaminate your hands and ball surface as well.

Fix: You can use grease removing liquids to remove thick oil patches.

4. Sunlight – the sun has nothing to do with the ball, but its awkward angle can distort your ability to judge and see. 

Fix: Moving to different court areas, you can judge the location of shooting where the sun and the sunlight angle aren’t bothering you. An easy hack can be a P-hat that will provide you shade from sudden sunlight exposure.

For your convenience, we will be reviewing the 5 Best outdoor basketballs for concrete courts that are known in the industry for their genuine quality.

So, without delay, let’s head into it!

BasketballsRating Price
Overall Best For concrete: Nike Elite

Best Official NBA size indoor/outdoor: XEDGE Basketball

Best Grip Spalding Basketball: Spalding NBA Tack-Soft

Best Rubber Indoor/Outdoor Basketball: Chance Premium

Best Budget: Wilson MVP Rubber

Best outdoor Basketballs for Concrete: Top Rated Reviews

It’s worth mentioning that in bringing you these reviews, we went through dozens of customers opinions on multiple platforms and consulted with renowned professionals in the industry, so you can choose the best. No matter which basketball you pick from the list,

we guarantee you that it will stand out from the crowd, providing the performance you require.

BasketballsRating Price
Overall Best For concrete: Nike Elite

Best Official NBA size indoor/outdoor: XEDGE Basketball

Best Grip Spalding Basketball: Spalding NBA Tack-Soft

Best Rubber Indoor/Outdoor Basketball: Chance Premium

Best Budget: Wilson MVP Rubber

1. Overall Best Outdoor Basketball For concrete/Asphalt Surfaces: Nike Elite Tournament

nike elite for concrete

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Deep groove design for extra convenience
  • Superior grip and performance
  • For both men and woman
  • Ultra-durable exterior 

If you’re a person who often plays basketball in harsh outside conditions and needs something reliable to tailor your sporting needs, I present you the Nike elite tournament. It’s the type of ball that not only looks exceptional but also does the walk the talk.

Surface & Grip

The basketball itself is made from a premium rubber compound, and it’s very grippy. The grooves within the construction are quite porous but create one of the most admirable gripping points in the market.

Besides its dense overall design, Nike elite tournament compared to other cheap basketball, which is steadier on each level. If that’s not enough, you will definitely love the coarse-grained design to be held entirely on outdoor surfaces.


In terms of durability, this high-end sporting champ is made to last longer. It retains its shape very well, even in the harshest condition due to the incorporation of polyester material. It may also need to tend to feel bumpy and will be sharp and consistent after each tiresome session.

To sum up the durability, you can get more out of this ball after going hard for at least a year. But remember to keep this ball active all time to make it last even more than that.

Shape Retention

It isn’t delightful when your favorite basketball loses its shape, especially before a professional on-court game. To fight off this hurdle, this basketball comes equipped with a molded-butyl shell, which will keep it in place no matter how hard you go on track. 

  • Quality deep channel traction
  • Made for extreme games
  • Extra durable with a softer feel
  • It can get deflated easily if not taken care
  • Inconsistent bounce can be observed


In the end, I would say when it comes to Nike Basketballs, they perform well while retaining their original design, and the Nike Dominate Basketball 8P is no exception.

2. Good Choice for Concrete: XEDGE Basketball

XEDGE outdoor Basketball

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Made from specialized composite leather
  • It comes in official NBA size (29.5″)
  • Equipped with an additional inflation pump
  • The nylon cover makes it extra durable

Basketballs, in general, come in all sizes and shapes for added versatility. However, there are no second thoughts that for professional high-tier outdoor games, NBA official size is often preferred. If that’s the case, then the XEDGE Basketball is well-suited for your dripping needs. 

Surface & Grip

Starting straight, this basketball is like any other premium baseball in the industry (Spalding NBA). It supports a leather cover integrated with a hygroscopic line-up to make you feel pro in the court. With the help of added grooves and lightweight design, this thing reduces all the slippage and provides excellent grip.

In contrast to that, the rubber middle in the design helps it to increase overall stability so that you won’t feel any complication during your precious moments on the court. While being made from excellent materials, it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.


The XEDGE Basketball is not only performance-driven and aesthetically pleasing but also quite durable in the design. It is equipped with prime materials like butyl bladder over nylon covering, making it stand out from the rest. You will be able to get a great response by using it and at the same time, reduce the maintenance cost.

If that’s not to your liking, then the specialized winding will definitely please you. They are incorporated to retain the soft feel of indoor basketball but at the same time maximizing elasticity.

Official NBA Size

One of the standalone features in this performance-driven basketball is the official 29.5-inch NBA size, which will make you look pro among your teammates. 

Additional Accessories

Additionally, XEDGE provides extra accessories like two needles, a carrying bag, and a free inflation pump with this sporting good, making it a go-to option.

  • It’s fully functional with a hygroscopic PU cover.
  • Available for all ages and genders alike
  • Leather material provides added durability and correct bounce
  • Sometimes it messes up the rhythm due to the sticky nature
  • Lack of reliability in grooves


So, if you need an indoor/outdoor basketball for both extreme and casual games, this ball won’t let you down!

3. Best Soft Basketball for Rough Surface: NBA Tack-Soft

Spalding NBA Tack-Soft

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Equipped with official NBA size 
  • Come pre-inflated for convenience
  • Prime grip and feel to it
  • Added warranty by Spalding

Finally, in the review, we have the Spalding NBA Indoor/outdoor tack-soft, our choice for the best Spalding grip basketball. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a replica of the NBA balls but a slightly different model with a premium texture and soft feel. For outdoor concrete surface, this thing is like a beast!

Surface & Grip

Right off the back-end, the Spalding NBA Indoor/outdoor tack-soft basketball comes in the orange-brown lining with perfect symmetry. Like the predecessors, it features quality composite materials to work more efficiently on any surface and court. 

In contrast to that, the overall cover is non-slip, smooth, and integrated with open spots to boost grip and performance. Besides that, you will be able to improve air retention due to smart Spalding construction drastically.


Give or take, its durability is of the finest quality in the industry, which of course, what will you expect from Spalding’s NBA basketballs. It made to last in rough outdoor conditions then indoors, ultimately providing you value for your money. The extra tackiness that comes with this ball is definitely worth the price.

Furthermore, the Spalding NBA Indoor/outdoor tack-soft basketball lacks unrealistic bouncing capabilities compared to more classic models. This way, it won’t bounce up real high and will behave like a real basketball. 

Fully Inflated

One of the added perks that this ball offers is that it comes fully inflated within the packaging. This is not a feature that will help you improve your moves, although defiantly a plus to have in a high-end sporting good.

  • Fully functional for competitive games
  • Tailored with official NBA specification
  • Extra tackiness in the grip
  • The official Spalding logo can be a bit annoying
  • Mediocre moisture retention


There are no second thoughts that it’s one of the best indoor/outdoor basketball currently available on Amazon. Packed with some premium perks, it’s hard not to pick it for one’s collection. If you’re a diehard basketball fan, then not choosing it will be a significant blow. 

4. Best Rubber Choice for Street Play: Chance Premium

Chance Premium Rubber

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Nice looking indoor/outdoor basketball
  • Supports optimal pressure and high-end features
  • Perfect grip for extreme conditions 
  • Available in a wide range of colours 

Sometimes in life, all we need is a bit of change or variety in particular. If you agree with my sentiment, you will praise the upcoming basketball on our list, i.e., the Chance Premium Basketball. Its intuitive colour selection will make you forget all the worries during any game and allow you to maximize your sporting potential. 

Surface & Grip

Most basketballs can’t perform equally in indoor and outdoor conditions, which is why their panel becomes ineffective after a couple of games on concrete courts. Unlike traditional balls that incorporate leather materials, this power-driven sporting useful features quality rubber construction throughout the casing.

This way, you will be able to get a premium grip and soft feel to it and score more goals than your competitors. Besides, for additional support, the deep channel pattern and held in place. However, it won’t give you a premium pebble pattern like Spalding NBA street.


Being a top-tier outdoor/indoor basketball, it’s well-equipped in the durability department. Whether it’s hard dirt surfaces or concrete courts, it performs exceptionally. The butyl bladder locks make it inflated for longer and, at the same time, retain the power-driven grip. So, make sure to give a chance-to-Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor / Indoor Basketball. 

Modern & Unique Design

With the aid of unique and vibrant colours, this best basketball standout from the rest. It’s available in multiple designs like Pascal-orange, Chomper-green, as well as Spade-green and black to give you the versatility that you ever wanted. In contrast to that, if you feel like picking a more traditional design, I recommend going for Nike Dominate.

  • Best suited for both Un-sex youth and adults likewise
  • Extreme grip with an aggressive pebble pattern
  • Equipped with vibrant colors, designs, and sizes
  • It can get stinky after some times
  • For some users, its design might be a bit odd


All in all, it’s a decent and affordable basketball for every type of basketball enthusiast out there. Due to the price range, its grip might be mediocre, but other than that, it’s good to go.

5. Best Cheap Basketball for Concrete: Wilson MVP Rubber Basketball 

Wilson MVP Rubber Basketball

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Durable rubber construction
  • Improved grip with wide channel design
  • It comes with an ideal inflation level
  • Amazon Choice for Best rubber basketball

We all know what Wilson is capable of making, and this sporting beast is no exception. The Wilson MVP is a ball that is built for extreme games. So, rule the court with this premium yet affordable basketball.

Surface & Grip

To be frank, you can use it for indoor conditions, but its authentic charm can be exposed to outdoor courts. As you use it outside, you won’t see any scuffs and scrapes, usually incorporated indoors. Its adjustable size and decent grip will improve your ball-handling skills, while the wide channel footprint will increase its longevity. 

As far as design is concerned, it comes with a durable rubber design with wide channel construction in a light-orange outlook. It will definitely feel aesthetically suitable for your basketball needs.


Similarly, its durability is a game-changing feature resulting in dozens of positive reviews throughout the internet. It has fully functional doted markings worldwide, making it a go-to model when buying the best outdoor basketball ball for concrete surfaces. 

Additionally, all these features don’t take away the premium bounce incorporated with Wilson products. Whether it’s grip or panel, they will support you in the long run.

Proper Inflation & Multiple Sizes

It is always a bit of disappointment when your hands can’t be adequately gripped with the basketball itself due to varying size levels. The Wilson MVP Rubber Basketball is provided in multiple sizes to tailor your needs to fight off this. At the same time, proper inflation can reflect its effectiveness after each game.

  • Power-driving ergonomics
  • Reasonable bounce with added support
  • Affordable package
  • Lack of consistent air retention
  • Requires additional pump for extra convenience


If you need an affordable yet efficient basketball for your professional or casual sporting needs, I can easily recommend the Wilson MVP Rubber Basketball. It’s supportive, robust, and comes in multiple sizes so that you won’t face any inconvenience.



In conclusion, getting a top outdoor basketball for concrete surfaces is a bit different than its traditional counterparts. They tend to be more reliable, and most of them even integrate deep channel patterns for added grip and support. Besides, being made for official NBA size is always a plus and can make you feel like a pro in the gameplay. This is the reason our top recommended basketball for outdoor concrete, asphalt and cement surfaces is- Nike Dominate Basketball 8P. For concrete surfaces, this basketball ball won’t disappoint you at all!  

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1, Is it convenient to use composite basketballs for outdoor play?

If you’re currently tight on budget and can’t afford genuine leather balls, then it’s convenient to go for composite balls for outdoor and indoor plays. 

Q2, How well do the outdoor basketballs last?

In general, if playing outdoor basketball is in your daily routine, then it can last you up to 8 months to a year until its panel starts to wear off. However, premium balls can drastically increase longevity. 

Q3, What is the best basketball brand in the market for outdoor games?

Both Wilson and Spalding are formidable competitors for producing premium edition basketball equipment. Although, for outdoor games, Wilson can be a much better choice for their budget-friendly nature

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