5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet In 2022 – REVIEWED

Trust me when I say that

Most of the basketball shoes in the market are tailored toward narrow footers, which means, find the best basketball shoes for wide feet is a little bit tiresome.

It can be easily said that basketball shoes are available in a range of designs, but there aren’t many options available for wide feet users when it comes to size preferences. Of course, brands like Adidas are starting to make their products a bit versatile in terms of sole length, but that doesn’t mean they are completely perfect.

That’s why today we will be discussing some of the Top quality wide feet basketball shoes in 2022 that are known for their extra width and perfect fit. So, whether your preferred choice is 4e wide or you like to go with 2e width, we will have an option suited for you. So, let’s get into it!

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet – Wide Toe Box Sneakers

Following list presents the collection of  best basketball shoes for wide feet in 2022. These basketball sneakers are featured with an extra wide toe box to cater the fittings problems and save toes from hurting.The following picks were provided after hours of research and a ton of competitor analysis, so in terms of reliability, they all are equally placed.

Their forefoot area has to have a lot of midsole spacing, and even above that section, the material should have a bit of expansion for free-range. Another thing to note is that they are incredibly stable around the base because many wide footers want the material or phylum really hugging around the edge of the foot.

No.Wide Toe Basketball ShoesQualityPrice
1Adidas Men's Harden Step-backAdidas shoes for basketball play
2Nike Kd13 Basketball ShoeNike's for wide feet
3Adidas Unisex-Adult D RosBest women's basketball shoes
4Nike Men's Air Versatile IiiBest cushioning basketball shoes
5New Balance BB907 Best youth basketball shoes

1) Adidas Men’s Harden Step-back

“Adidas for Wide Feet”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • One of the premium Adidas wide basketball shoes
  • Made from synthetic mesh materials
  • Available in a variety of color choices

When we talk about wide-width basketball shoes for men, Adidas’ product that often irreplaceable is the Harden Stepback. Like Nike, Adidas is a top-of-the-line brand in manufacturing signature basketball shoes, and the Harden volume category is no exception. It is specially made for tall basketball players who possess wide feet and need ample room for adjustment.


Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback contains a durable upper that is made of quality knit material. It molds pretty well over your feet, making them easy to accommodate within the given setup. In addition to that, they are stylish at the front end, providing you added versatility in every outdoor game.


If you have a wide foot, then its functionalities are going to benefit you in multiple areas, one of which is in the midsole section. It contains an extensive toe box that is incorporated to provide comfort and enhance the overall balance when you’re on the court.

Outer sole

Adidas uses a full herringbone traction pattern within this particular model, which is reliable for the most part. Like any other harden volume shoes, on a clean court, you will get a solid grip.

  • Equipped with a wide high top
  • Comfortable midsole
  • An affordable option in 2022
  • The inside is not lined well
  • Lack of cushioning in the outer fabric

2) Nike Kd13 Basketball Shoe

     “Nike’s  for wide feet”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • It boasts an extra-wide high top
  • Among signature Nike wide width shoes
  • Features a reflective lacing system

If you’re looking for sports shoes within Nike’s lineup that fit pretty well for wide footers, then you can’t go wrong picking the Kd13 Basketball Shoe. Even if your someone with 13s size, it will optimally reside on your feet. Besides that, it is an elite contender in pretty much any feature so that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase later down the road.


Many basketball players tend to go for shoes that are a bit tight, which can cause damage in the long run. But that’s not the case with KD 13, as its toe box is a bit far from the base, so your feet have room to splay out. On top of that, like previous models, this wide high-top shoe contains a mesh upper.


The big difference between this variant and a lot of other wide basketball sneakers is that it has a narrow toe box. So, depending on your foot shape, you will be able to get that swift or optimal fit. Although keep in mind that some users with a little bit of girth in their foot might feel uncomfortable at first glance.

Outer sole

The sole outer section in the Nike Kd13 Basketball Shoe seems pretty decent for an average basketball goer. The high-end rubber material is quite sturdy, while the outer zone is recessed within to give you that additional edge.

  • Great for consistent outdoor play
  • Multi-direction traction on the outsole
  • Zoom Air cushioning for comfort
  • The toe box might be a bit tight
  • It comes in a price premium

3)Adidas Unisex-Adult D Ros

“Best Women’s Wide Basketball Shoes”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Top-rated within dicks girls’ basketball shoes
  • Prime basketball sneakers for wide feet
  • Developed & packaged in the USA

Number third product on our list is the Adidas Unisex-Adult D Ros. It is exceptionally roomy, extra-wide, and runs very long, so even if you go half the size, you won’t face any issue. As the name implies, it is adaptable for women looking for extra wide basketball shoes.


Moving to the upper portion, it is incorporated with glossy knit material that is durable for the price point. While the lacing system is adopted from some of the Jorden varieties, so wide footers can access them on the go.


One of the greatest features of these extra-wide basketball shoes is their prominent cushioning. With the aid of deep channel spacing, any size 18 basketball shoe user might be able to adjust them. Their high tops are comfortable to use and play with, which will suit your game style.

Outer sole

As expected from a high-end Adidas model, the outsole is made from rubber materials. This means the traction, on the most part, is alright as long as you don’t utilize it on dusty courts. Besides that, the Adidas Unisex-Adult D Ros is equipped with minimal heel slippage and adequate gripping, which is hard to find in this price range.

  • Prime knitting helps with the longevity
  • Optimal support and excellent mobility
  • Extra-wide base
  • On a dusty court, it will require wiping
  • Mediocre lacing system

4) Nike Men’s Air Versatile Iii

“Best Cushioning Wide Basketball Shoes”

women wide feet basketball shoes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Superior quality basketball sneakers for wide feet
  • Equipped with a midfoot saddle for feet stabilization
  • Versatile air cushioning

One of the tall basketball shoes that we personally recommend for any wide footer is Nike Men’s Air Versitile Iii. They will boast an enhanced toe box that will fit your midfoot, even if your someone 15s size. On top of that, they will maintain your girth since they are equipped with a higher instep.


Being a premium men’s extra wide basketball shoe, it shares a synthetic knit upper that is totally breathable. At the same time, the reinforced toe area will provide added strength in the long run. The lacing system is also not too tight, which further improves its convenience.


Around the inside of the midsole, you will see numerous paddings which strengthen your grip as you practice your dunking skills. Nike Men’s Air Versitile Iii also has an inside collar to keep your ankle in place and minimize any susceptible injuries. You will praise its aggressive outlook that is quite reasonable to find under the $200 price tag.

Outer sole

Moving to the outer sole, the Nike Men’s Air Versitile Iii has plenty of features under its sleeves. The base is lined up with a multi-directional rubber outsole that is quite sturdy at first glance. But, conversely, it gives end-user impact pr

  • It features NIKE’s top of the line air-sole
  • Adult basketball sneakers for wide feet
  • True to the size construction
  • Some users report numbness
  • Not ideal for intensive usage

5)New Balance BB907

“Best  youth basketball shoes for wide toe”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • The top-rated Herringbone tread pattern
  • Act as boy’s wide basketball shoes
  • A wide variety of size selection

Finally, at number 5, we have the BB907 basketball shoes from New Balance. Now, this manufacturer may be new to the realm of sports shoes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t provide quality products. This particular model is an ultra-sleek-looking outdoor unit that fits into players with even the most comprehensive feet.


The upper of New Balance BB907 is integrated with 50% Mesh and 50% Synthetic material. Now, this is not a bad thing as it provides a bit of versatility on the court. But, conversely, the shoe tongue is padded, and the collar is incorporated for added comfort.


As far as midsole goes, it consists of reinforced cushioning complemented by the breathable mesh panel. Thus, it can be utilized as a boy’s wide basketball shoes.

Outer sole

The New Balance BB907 Basketball Shoes are equipped with a Herringbone tread pattern at the back-end, which does an excellent job in maintaining the traction outdoors. Additionally, the alignment is thick so that you will get the most out of it in the long run.

  • Breathable covering
  • It consists of a flexible rubber outsole
  • Easy to adjust
  • Somewhat ineffective on ankle support
  • Not US branded


So, that sums up our review for the top 5 best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet that are available in 2022. The giveaway here is that Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback is the overall champion for wide feet consumers. It got style and tons of added features, making it the best of the best in the market. However, other models like the Nike Kd13 are also worth the shot if you got the budget.

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