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Best Women’s Basketball Shoes of 2022 : Cool & Colorful Girls Sneakers

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When we explore the shoes market for best women basketball shoes we come across a surprising fact. The fact tells us that the majority of the basketball shoes in the market are tailored toward men’s sizes, which means female athletes may have a hard time finding the best option for their buck!

Finding the right piece of equipment is a deal-breaker in modern sports these days, and basketball is no exception to that. Based on your level of expertise, you should have a couple of indoor and outdoor shoes to tackle your hopping needs. Now for men, this may seem a bit straightforward, but when it comes to women’s basketball shoes, things can get a bit complicated.

For once, there aren’t many options in the market, and the sheer number of shoes that are already available are hard to adjust. Let’s take a look at our list for the top 4 girls’ basketball shoes for 2022. Whether you’re a Nike fan or need something in the Kyrie’s lineup, we will have the pick for you.

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Best Women’s Basketball Shoes: Cheap sneakers for girls

Before you get straight into the individual reviews, it’s worth noting that each review specializes in a certain area, so no matter what your preferences are, they will have you covered. Just take a bit of time to analyze your game play before finalizing your end decision.

1 Under Armour Women’s JetWomen’s high top basketball shoes
2Nike Kyrie 7Girls basketball shoes
3Court Vision Mid SneakerNike basketball shoes for womens
4Nike Af1 Shadow TrainersWomen’s basketball sneakers
5Adidas Pro Model 2gAdidas Women Basketball Shoes

1)  Under Armour Women’s Jet ,“Women’s high top basketball shoes”


Under Armour Women's shoes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Premium edition white women’s basketball shoes
  • affordable mid-top shoes
  • Available in a durable overlay
  • Suited for all seasons

Coming at the number one spot, we have the Under Armour Women’s Jet. If you’re looking for some narrow women’s basketball shoes that fit the bill in 2022, then you can’t go wrong with getting this model. They are made explicitly for female athletes in dire need of foot to ankle support. Whether you’re using them for middle school leagues or as a recreational sport, Women’s Jet will have you covered.


The upper of Under Armour Women’s Jet is complemented by a synthetic material that provides better support and gives it added levels of breath-ability. You will love how well the shoe performs during intense matches, especially when you need precision at the back end.


The same applies for the mid-sole, which is quite intuitive at the given price. It offers a top-of-the-line ankle collar that makes sure that your feet remain intact as you go for the dunk shot. Now it won’t be as responsive as Adidas women’s basketball shoes, but you can’t complain much for the given budget.

Outer sole

One of the things we like about Under Armour Women’s Jet is the fact that it supports a Die-cut EVA sock liner. This means you won’t have to worry about an underfoot cushion anytime soon, and it will remain resilient in the long run.

  • Best female basketball shoes under $200
  • Backed by a TPU overlay
  • Durable mid-sole
  • This basketball shoe runs big and is not suited for small feet
  • It doesn’t offer a slip-on function

2)  Nike Kyrie 7,“Girls basketball shoes”

girls basketball shoes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Premium edition white women’s basketball shoes
  • affordable mid-top women shoes
  • Available in a durable overlay
  • Suited for all seasons

Flexibility to dribble, sprint, shoot, and move around makes these shoes an ultimate choice for players at different levels. The freedom of performance elevates with the ultimate fit coupled with the soft upper and thick base at the heel level. The shoe is at the top level choice for the players who want to benefit from the latest innovation without spending a lot of money. So you can say that kyrie 7 is little bit cheap as compared to the other shoes of this series.


The upper of Kyrie 7 is very well designed with a remarkable breath-ability . Mesh used to make the upper is quite flexible and made ventilated. Though this characteristic is often an oversight, you admire the design when feet get wet by vigorous play during the summer months.

The upper guarantees that the whole pair will remain lightweight, maybe amongst the lightweight in the whole Kyrie series.


As soon as you wear the shoes, you will appreciate the smoothness of the sole after you run or land during practice or play. The material is fully harmonious with cushioning, and I felt no jerks after playing full speed. Some shoes have tremendous cushioning that sometimes adds to fatigue. The Kyrie 7 is wonderfully comfortable and just right weight-wise.


Nike took the extra step to design computer-generated traction using a bunch of data collected from different players’ motions and pressure points of feet. The traction pattern ultimately delivers a good grip, whether you make sudden moves or sudden stops.

The multi-directional pattern facilitates movements in all directions so that the players can move without extra stress on the feet. These state-of-the-art technologies ensure that the shoes will fulfill the player’s needs and style.

  • Best fit for all type of feet
  • Secure lockdown
  • Super comfortable
  • Break-in period take sometime
  • Slightly slippery when make quick backward move

3) Court Vision Mid Sneaker,“Nike basketball shoes for women”

nike womens basketball shoes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Among popular Nike women basketball shoes in 2022
  • Perforated upper that is backed by a durable collar
  • Provided in a wide range of size adjustments

In terms of quality and durability, there aren’t many brands that can compete directly with Nike, and their latest edition, i.e., Women’s Court Vision Mid Sneaker, is living proof of that. Unlike Under Armour, it is equipped with a slimmer heel and a more flexible forefoot that female athletes will undoubtedly praise. So, if you’re looking for the best women’s basketball shoes in the Nike lineup, then Court Vision Mid Sneaker is something we would definitely recommend.


This Nike basketball keeps everything under the hood from top to bottom, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck. For once, it offers a perforated upper, so your feet won’t suffocate anytime soon. On top of that, the tread-like lace system further improves your convenience so you can get going on the court within no time.

Mid sole

Nike has done a great job in branding the Court Vision. As far as the mid-sole goes, it offers solid traction, pretty-good support, and a cushion that does the job even on the toughest court. Other than that, the addition of synthetic leather gives you reasonable impact protection, which is always nice to have in woman’s basketball shoes.

Outer sole

At the rear end, Nike has incorporated a durable rubber-cup sole that reinforces your feet as you dribble the ball. Overall, the cushioning isn’t that bouncy or plush, and you will feel natural throughout your basketball session.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Provides top-tier responsiveness
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Subtle gaps between the insole
  • The stitching material is a bit cheap

4)  Nike Af1 Shadow Trainers,“Women’s basketball sneakers”


Nike Women's Af1 Shadow

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Beautiful color pattern and an effective lacing system
  • Ideal women’s basketball shoes with high tops
  • Perfectly fit for different shapes of feet
  • most popular women’s basketball shoes

When it comes to woman’s basketball shoes, it doesn’t only matter how it fits your foot but also depends on how well it looks. If that’s the case, you will definitely love the number 3rd product on our list, the Af1 Shadow Trainers. Its Nike’s brand-new take on their classical sneaker lineup, i., e the Airforce 1, offer a ton of performance in both casual or professional use case.


This time, Nike gives us a de constructive or slightly futuristic outlook that is available in a bunch of colorways, so you can’t go wrong choosing either one of them. The official colorways for AF1 shadow (Celestial ivory & gold) also have other cool features that separate it from the rest—one of them is in the toe box with multiple layers of leather.


In regards to midsole, there is a lot going on for Af1 Shadow Trainers, which is definitely worth noting for any basketball athlete. This time, Nike went with a layered approach to give the midsole an over-the-top appearance. It also gives the shoe a reasonable amount of response and support so you can time your shots with precision.

Outer sole

The outsole of this shoe is definitely chunkier and has quite a bit of elevation, which is a game-changer for basketball players. Af1 Shadow basically drops in a woman sizing however it does go up to US 10/half, so anything between this range is good to go.

  • High-end basketball sneakers for Woman by Nike
  • It gives you a sleek and modern vibe
  • The shoe fits perfectly as expected
  • They are highly prone to wear and tear
  • Not great for outdoor courts

5) Adidas Pro Model 2g,“Adidas Women Basketball Shoes”


Adidas Pro Model Basketball Shoe

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Adidas women’s basketball shoes with an ergonomic fit
  • Quality rubber sole that is accompanied by 100& leather design
  • Comfortable cushioning without any distortion

Finally, at number 4th spot, we have the Adidas Pro Model 2g. These were Adida’s most iconic basketball sneakers back in the 2000s and are now rebranded for those interested in elevating their basketball game to the next level. Inspired by the original Pro-series, these shoes offer better support, a higher degree of comfort, and decent responsiveness. If you want a professional-looking basketball shoe for the woman at a reasonable price, then you can’t go wrong picking the Pro model 2g today!


Adidas Pro Model 2g has an imported leather upper which is great for any kind of basketball game. Its tongue is also ergonomically held, so the overall movement remains natural as it can get.


Moving on to the heel-to-toe system, it’s actually not bad. There is a torsion system in the midfoot, which is basically decoupled, so the overall weight is reduced. You will also love the fact that the front heel is nice and rounded, which is not expected from a budget-oriented Adidas Shoe.

Outer sole

As far as durability goes, its hanging bone pattern is good to go. Unlike its previous predecessor, it offers pure cushioning for your feet so you can remain on top of your game 24/7. Besides that, it operates under Adidas bonce technology, giving you just the right balance between traction and feel to perform your crossovers without any hurdles.

  • Low to the ground cushioning
  • Smooth heel to toe transition
  • Great impact protection
  • They can be a bit slippery outdoors
  • It’s going to pick up a little bit of dust

Buying Guide for best Women’s Basketball Shoes 2022

Shopping for women’s basketball shoes is no doubt stressful. However, there are a number of things which you definitely need to look for in your next pick in order to stay ahead of your competition. These include;

1)   Size & Fitting

When it comes to basketball shoes or any type of shoes in general, the first thing you need to make sure of is that whether they can give you a snug fit and are perfect for your feet. In general, most Women’s feet tend to be a little bit narrow, so they should probably stay away from Adidas shoes that are going to be on the wide side. Now there is nothing wrong with Adidas shoes; it’s just that they are made on men’s last so that sizing can become uneasy.

2)   Cushioning

Cushioning is another thing which you need to be extra careful about when shopping for women’s basketball shoes. You need something that can be comfortable for your feet and absorb most of the shocks due to constant running and jumping. If you have narrow feet, then models such as Af1 Shadow Trainers are a great option as they provide you with soft insoles and better elevation.

3)   Overall Weight

You may not realize, but the best women’s basketball shoes are the ones that lightweight and supportive. The overall weight of your sneakers is such an important aspect in professional basketball games as it can easily separate a novice from a seasoned player. Anything too heavy will not only reduce your in-game movement but also make adjustments quite tough. So, in short, you want to look for shoes that adopt premium materials and have a good lock down over the forefoot.

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All in all, these were some of the picks for the best women’s basketball shoes in 2022. At the end, each of the above options is great for female athletes whether they tend to play indoors or outdoors. If quality is something you want the most then Nike’s Women Kyrie 7 is definitely a premium pick. However, if you want something professional, then Pro Model 2g is also worth the shot. Let us know which one of these shoes would you get in 2022!

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