Highest vertical jump in NBA

Top Players with the Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History

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Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History is the record that every NBA player’s dream to beat. A true basketball lover knows the worth of an NBA player flying over the rim to make his team win, along with winning the hearts of his fans. Exceptionally, securing the highest place in basketball history, and proving the superhuman abilities, is what makes the top NBA players stand out from the crowd.

The Michael Jordan holds the record for the highest vertical jump in NBA history, measuring at 48 inches with a hang-time duration of 0.92 seconds.

NBA history is chock-full of athletes who have proven themselves in the fields and entertained their fans to the utmost extent. There are many factors that make the game memorable. Selection of  basketball match your game style, basketball shoes that matches the pace and moves of your game and best strength trainings are few background factors of success.

Therefore, Below is the compilation of top players with the highest vertical jump in NBA history. However, the list will be recognizing the top vertical leap players either in a game or a Slam Dunk contest or even combined.

Average NBA Vertical Jump Records

Before delving into the top vertical jumps in NBA history, it’s crucial to establish where the average height of vertical leap baseline draws. The average NBA vertical jump height is almost stands at 28 inches. This achievement is noteworthy, surpassing the capabilities of most individuals. Understanding this benchmark allows us to better comprehend the extraordinary nature of the leaps showcased by NBA athletes. So we can have a good idea that  the majority of these remarkable jumps are around the league’s average vertical.

Who has the Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History?

Let’s begin by highlighting the top players who secured the top positions in the highest vertical leap of all-time in NBA history. Commonly, here’s all that you want to know about their superhuman abilities.

Michael Jordan 48 Inches

michael jordan highest vertical

Michael Jordan never disappoints when it comes to aerobatic dunks and incredible hang time. He stomps the yard when it comes to the highest vertical leap of NBA history. Officially, the highest jump ever measured is 48 inches high, with 0.92 seconds hang time by Michael Jordan.

After all, he has justified the top position in the list of top players with the highest vertical jump in NBA history. His iconic dunk in All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Competition was exceptional and recorded in 1988. Worth mentioning, his fans from all over the world admire him for his athletic abilities.

Darrel Griffith 48 Inches

Darrel Griffth highest vertical in NBA

Darrel Griffith is known as a great shooter in NBA history. The highest vertical jump ever was recorded by Darrel of an insane vertical leap of 48 inches in the Slam Dunk Contest 2018. Darrel is the most athletic player in the NBA.

Darrel Griffith is known as a great shooter in NBA history. He spent his entire career with Utah jazz of national basketball association. Griffith also played collegiately at the University of Louisville.

Jason Richardson 46.5 Inches

Jason Richardson nba higest vertical

Jason Richardson went on back to back slam dunk challenges. The vertical recorded was 46.5 inches with the ability to put his head a full 4.5 inches above the rim. Furthermore, the most ionic dunk of the Richard is between the legs, reverse 360 that won the dunk contest in 2003.

Besides, the Golden state warriors selected him, and Jason played 14 seasons in NBA. Jason won the dunk contests in 2002 and 2003 as well. He became the second-best player after Michael Richardson. Moreover, he has also played for phoenix suns, charlotte bobcats, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers. He also set the warrior’s records for most three-pointers.

Zach Lavine 46 Inches

Zach Lavine's vertical jump record

Zach Lavine is having his career-best season. The timberwolves first selected him in 2014. After that, Zach joined Chicago bulls in 2017 and started playing for them. Currently, his position is shooting guard/pointing guard.

Zach Lavine has been called the second best dunker in NBA 2020. He is the pillar for the Chicago bull franchise through his superior athleticism. Zach’s vertical leap recorded as 46 inches with the ability to go full 2 inches above the rim while dunking.

Anthony Webb 46 Inches

anthony webb highest NBA vertical

Anthony Webb is one of those few players who dunked without being able to palm the ball. The vertical leap of Webb is recorded as 46 inches high. This under 4-foot vertical leap put the top of Webb’s head only five inches below the rim. In the NBA, dunking so high is rare.

No doubt, Webb made his way to the list of the vertical NBA highest jumps to be ever recorded. The crowd kept scurrying for too long on seeing his spectacular performance during the Slam Dunk Contest in 1986. He won against the well-known player, Dominique Wilkins.

Zion Williamson 45 Inches

Zion Williamson NBA vertical

Zion is the American basketball player for New Orleans Pelicans. Moreover, he plays on the power forward position. He was ranked in the top five players in the 2018 class. He became the first teenager in the NBA history who scored 20+ points in consecutive ten games. The greatest asset of Williamson is athleticism.

At duke, the testing of the Zion Williamson vertical jump is 45 inches. He is the most explosive and fast athlete. Williamson is the envious group of only 7% of players that can jump higher or like him in NBA combine draft.

Shannon Brown – 44.5 Inches

Shannon Brown, a former NBA player renowned for his explosive athleticism. He is one of those players who notably achieved an impressive vertical jump record during their professional career. Brown’s exceptional vertical leap, reportedly measuring around 44.5 inches, astonished fans and fellow players alike. His athletic ability drafted him 25th overall in the 2006 draft. During his time with various NBA teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, where he showcased his ability to soar above defenders with ease. Brown’s vertical jump prowess earned him recognition as one of the league’s most athletic players.

Andrew Wiggins 44 inches

Andrew Wiggins vertical jump

Andrew Wiggins is a young Canadian talent. Besides, he is the top-notch basketball new player in the NBA. Golden state warriors selected this great player to prove his abilities. He is also a member of the Canadian national team. In February 2020, after his 5 ½ seasons with wolves, he traded to warriors.

He plays in a small forward position. In the 4th season, Wiggins has shown his otherworldly athleticism ever since his first game league. The vertical leap of Wiggins is 44 inches and can take his head 4 inches full above the rim.

Clyde Drexler – 43 Inches

Clyde Drexler highest vertical

Clyde Drexler is an American basketball player who is the commissioner of the big3 basketball league and hailed as the best guard in the NBA. His position is shooting guard and small forward as well. He has played 15 seasons in the NBA, spending the majority of time with Portland trailblazers before finishing with Houston rockets.

Drexler’s vertical leap was recorded as 43 inches and put his head a full 2 inches above the rim. He spent most of the career gliding in the shadow of Jordan. Furthermore, his significant achievements are NBA championship, perennial all-star. 1 of the 50 greatest players award is also worth mentioning here.

Vince Carter 43 Inches

Vince Carter NBA highest jump record

Vince Carter is well known as the best dunker all time. With his incredible vertical, effortless style, every hard dunk looks incredibly easy, which makes everyone impressed. Vince carter vertical leap is recorded 43 inches and puts his head full 1 inch above the rim and 5 inches lower than Airness.

However, his significant achievement is the perennial all-star in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

An American retired professional basketball player is primarily known for playing the shooting guard and all forward positions. Later, he also played power forward during his career.

Lebron James 40 Inches

Lebron James highest vertical jump NBA

The legendary basketball star Lebron James is playing leagues since 2003. However, are you looking for what is Lebron James’s vertical leap? Here’s the answer. The current monarch of the Lebron James vertical is 40 inches high from the ground.

According to Forbes, this current year is the sixth year James has ranked as the highest-earning NBA player. His major achievements are 2x league MVP(200,2010), and scoring titles(2008). Perennial all-star in NBA is also worth mentioning. Lebron james has a feather in his hat as the highest NBA Scorer too.

Latest Highest Vertical Jump of NBA

Zach Lavine 46 Inches

Out of many players struggling to secure top positions in the list of Highest vertical jumps in NBA, Lavine is the one holding the first place. After all, the young player in the league has 25.5 points on average in 60 games during the 2019 to 2020 time period. Zach Lavine is well-known for his extraordinary dunking talent.

In short, Lavine has proved that his talent is beyond our reproach. Surprisingly, at the age of 25, he has achieved a lot and put his name on the list of various achievements. He stole the show and hearts of his fans on several occasions, including the dunk contests of 2015 and 2016. His vertical jump was recorded 46 inches high.

Glen Robinson 41.5 Inches

Moreover, several other names must also be included under this heading. Glen Robinson with 41.5 inches high leap, Andrew Wiggins with 44 inches vertical jump, and Donte DiVincenzo with 42 inches vertical leap are the names worth mentioning here.

NBA Draft Combine Vertical Jump Record

The NBA Draft Combine serves as a crucial platform for teams to scrutinize potential athletes and enhance their roster. Simultaneously, it offers enthusiastic players a prime opportunity to improve their position and get closer to achieving their dreams of playing in the NBA.Since it’s one of the most anticipated events before the draft, it’s important to highlight the top performers who have made a big impression at this yearly event.

Keon Johnson 48 Inches

In the 2021 NBA Combine Draft, Keon Johnson, now playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, amazed everyone by jumping the highest ever at 48.0 inches. This broke the old record of 45.5 inches. Even though he’s not very tall at just over 6 feet 4 inches, he can jump really high, reaching 41.5 inches when standing still. While he may need to work on some parts of his game, like everyone, his amazing jumping ability got him picked in the first round by the New York Knicks. Later, he played for the Los Angeles Clippers and now he’s with the Portland Trail Blazers.

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