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5 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for All Play Styles in 2023

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Adidas basketball shoes consistently ranks among the best available in the market. Notably, Adidas has earned  good reputation for quality and performance in sports footwear and apparel manufacturing. Adidas invests in research and development to create innovative technologies that enhance performance.  To ensure top-notch performance, Adidas collaborates with professional basketball players and tailored their sports shoes according to the playing styles and preferences of famous athletes. The legendary figure, Michael Jordan was aligning himself as an Adidas athlete , prior to entering into a partnership with Nike.

The sportswear giant was developed in 1924 by two brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler. The company emerged first under the name “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”. In 1949, the company was formally renamed Adidas. Now the brand is 99 years old and has turned the Europe’s largest and world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer.

Our team decided to test a large amount of Adidas basketball shoes for the  year 2023. We enlisted  some of the best Adidas basketball shoes through the reviews collected with the help of research team of professionals. So that you might save your money and time on spending inappropriate basketball shoes. Meanwhile it will be more beneficial for you to watch our list of the best basketball shoes (allrounder).

Few reasons you can rely on your adidas brand for your outdoor basketball game are,

  • The soft cushion inside keeps feet fatigue free
  • Ultimate support to your ankle for hours play
  • Midsole supports the outer sole,aligning with the feet shape
  • Support stability for powrful game
  • Increases your statement level.

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023 Reviews

Each player requires separate specificity made in their Adidas basketball shoes.  For guards, since the pressure is more on the rapidness, So midsole supports the ankle and the shoes they wear helps in smooth movements. But, for the forwards, the demand requires more work on the high upper. Preventing injuries during these aggressive games is tough. But with the right outdoor basketball  shoes, it makes you win the game with vitality and exhibits reliability. On the basis of past year’s reviews our team have selected following best Adidas basketball shoes for you.

What are you waiting for ? here are the most durable and  trusted deals!
Basketball ShoesRating Price
Adidas Harden Vol. 3

Adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Mid-Sneaker

Adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low

Adidas Men's Pro Bounce Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Own-the-game Wide Bball Shoe

1. Best Cushioning Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

 Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoe Men’s


adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoe - Men's Basketball

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • wonderful Traction for indoor and outdoor ground
  • Boosts support
  • Cushion: EVA compressed

The brand launched a signature look by James Harden Adidas Harden Vol.3 men shoes as most liked shoes in 2022 by NBA star players due to stability, comfort, and breathable feet technology. The brand got most liking after recognition by providing ultimate power style and smooth flow.


The upper portion of the show is low heightened, which extends the comfort in essence to relief. If you’re in the forwards, it’s specially made for you. The provoking side chance is that the low top area of the shoe highlights the style and statement of the player.

Breathable Midsole

The midsole is made of soft, breathable cushion, which lets your feet sweat correctly. In addition to this feature, the sole of these shoes is wide and open, preventing suffocation. The soles are EVA compressed and can withstand any temperature or any season.

Outer sole designed for rapid grip

For the shoe to have a grip on rapid jumps of the player, these shoes are made with full out- sole. The front is made of thick and asphalt resisting material. These blue Adidas shoes for basketball game maintain stability to the player’s ankle. No stress on the feet allows fluid movements.


The Harden 3 attains a prominent position, when it comes to performance. The shoe gets the full marks for comfort and fitting. The price is also relatively affordable.

  • Comfortable, responsive boost cushioning
  • Fit to the foot
  • Stable
  • Elastic lace closure
  • The inner cushion may need a change after a month

2. Best Breathable Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

 Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid-Sneaker

adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Basketball Shoe

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Fit perfectly to feet
  • Made of mest rubber
  • Withstands strong conditions

The style is maintained, and the style statement speaks out loud for itself. The qualities of Adidas basketball sneakers speak for themselves, once they are worn. The B-style stylish basketball shoe increases stability and making the audience foresee the game.


Three stripes on the side, the upper area of the mid-sneaker is laced that allows the player to adjust the tightness according to need. The ankle support is minimum, but the vitality and support are much more than that. The body posture will improve with feet consistency.


These low top Adidas basketball shoes are made of cushion to allow breath-ability. The sole is broad and allows slight movement of the feet holding on to the grip. For-seeking the sole purpose, these are some good adidas sports shoes.

Outer sole

The front is curved, improvising flexibility, while the traction increase with the thick out-sole. The demand for these progressed due to expanded leather and micro holes in the out-sole for durability.

  • Made for indoor and outdoor play
  • Wide sole
  • Breathable feet
  • Stiff and hard sole

3. Best for all Play Style Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

Adidas Marquee Boost basketball shoes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Type: Mid-top
  • Shaft: low-type
  • Material: 100 % Synthetic textile
  • Cushion: Boost

If you are looking for a long term usage of gaming shoes, Men’s Marquee Boost will work out correctly.  These shoes are made for all-rounders, no questions asked. They provide grip to the ground, and swiftness when jumping. They are admired as the latest Adidas basketball shoes.


The upper sole is low, which helps to improve the vitality and speed of the player. Low pressure on the ankle, engages in exhibiting more energy and durability. It helps in maintaining the consistency of the user.


The company has introduced new cushion technology, Boost,inside the shoes which works in synergy with the player. The sole is made of rubber and imported from high quality featured companies. These Adidas mid-top editition are best prepared for players gaming in all positions.

Outer sole

The outer sole is rounded and measure approximately zero to three inches. This prefers in adjusting the consumer’s feet with the in-sole. The high demand for these shoes is mainly due to the relaxed comfort and sturdy outer sole that exhibits grip while avoiding slip and slide of the player.

  • Breathable feet
  • Most advanced cushion technology
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable for outdoor playing
  • Not for indoor playing, may slip and slide the player

4. Best Bounce Support Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

Adidas Originals Pro Bounce 


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Material: 100% other fibers
  • Upper area made of synthetic material
  • Available in red, black and white

For the natural jumps and bouncy feels, Adidas introduced Low Profile Pro-Bounce Adidas originals for basketball players. The style is integrated yet modish, and escalates enthusiasm of the player.


With low top and laced courtesy, the Pro-Bounce 2018 addition has envisioned the smart player’s dream. These shoes are built for all-rounders as the outer area is made from soft synthetic durable material. This highly appreciated addition of adidas shoe works beneficial for indoor as well as outdoor games.


The midsole has rubber interaction due to the low top. The Pro Bounce addition has newly launched technology of TPU shank, which imparts stability and controls involuntary slipping. The heel is high, and forefoot is made of aesthetic details.

Outer sole

It has a twisted collar to adjust foot with the insole, preventing slippage. The  modish approach expands with an outsole made with a mix of leather strips and textile material. It makes them perfectly well for an all-rounder.

Key Features

  • Type: Low-top
  • Shaft: low-type
  • Material: 100 % Synthetic textile
  • Cushion: Bouncy
  • Fantastic for the outdoor basketball game
  • Provides comfort
  • Extends energy outrage
  • Style and statement worthy
  • Hurt feet if consistently worn

5. Best light weight Adidas basketball Shoes 2023

Own-the-game Basketball Shoe

adidas-Mens-Own theg ame-Wide-Basketball-Shoe-1
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Material: 100% other fibers
  • Upper area made of synthetic material
  • Available in red, black and white

The newly launched addition of Adidas Men’s shoes  has owned the game. It comes with a fast and light overall weight that improves speed and power the body. The shoes fit like a glove and attract attention to indoor games.


The upper portion is heightened and engages the users to remain consistent in their feet position. Still, the players can indulge in long term play since the top area allows air in and out. Without compromising the softness, the shoes are laced to adjust according to the player’s comfort level.


Foam and cushion-like material in the midsole acts as the engine for the foot game. Avoids twisting and turning of the ankle, always maintain pressure on the foamy cushion.

Outer sole

The outer sole is made of hard rubber and lets the forwards make rapid moves with the positions. It provides durability and reason for the reliability of many NBA star players.

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Supports feet
  • Ankle reinforce
  • Comfortable with consistent use
  • Not made for dusty courts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I know that several questions come in mind when you want to a pair of Adidas basketball shoes for some specific need. To give you a more particular understanding of of your game shoes needs , I got your questions covered.

What Adidas Basketball Shoe Should I Get For The Position That I Play?

whether you are playing for pointing guard, shooting guard or at any centre position proper fitted sports shoes have the ability to maximize performance and prevent injuries.

How do I choose the right sport shoes?

you can choose the right sport shoes by considering the following technical key points.

  1. Determine the type of physical activity  (e.g. running shoes are different from basketball shoes or cross-training shoes).
  2. Know your foot type –(whether you have flat feet, high arches, or neutral arches).
  3. Gain proper measurements – sizing can be distinct for different brands and models.
  4. Try to find shoes with appropriate arch support – matches your foot type.
  5. Choose sports shoes with good cushioning and shock absorption.
  6. Your sports shoes should be flexible enough –allow natural foot movement and support.
  7. Bend the shoes gently to check their flexibility.

Take your time to find the right sports shoes. Your selection can enhance your performance, avoid injuries, and help to enjoy the physical activities. Take your time to find the perfect fit, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from store staff or specialists if needed.

What NBA player has signature shoes deal with Adidas?

Recently, Adidas featured many signature shoes athletes like Damian Lillard, James Harden, Donovan Mitchell. Hence Adidas is signing more signature shoes deals with athletes like their counterpart Nike .

Derrick Rose  and Lillard,signed a mammoth of  14 and 10 years worth  $190 and $100 million respectively. While Damian Lillard has  been sold seven editions of Adidas signature shoes so far.

Basketball Players Signature Shoes
Derrick Rose DROSE Son of Chi
Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue #4
Trae Young Trae Young 2
Candace Parker Exhibit B
James Harden Harden Vol. 7
Damian Lillard Adidas Dame 8
Jaylen Brown Jaylen Brown Motto

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