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Best Nike Basketball Shoes in 2022: Top Rated Shoes That Will Make You Look Like a PRO

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I hope that you will agree with me when I say;

Featured and durable shoes are a new norm for the year 2022 in the Basketball industry.

We know, you need researched based guidance to buy best Nike basketball shoes in 2022.Like me and millions of others, you might have a deep passion for outdoor basketball and accessories incorporated with it. Although the time passes and the NBA season falls close upon us, finding shoes especially suitable for basketball is not easy as it sounds.

Thousands of brands are out there, plus we all have different body types and foot shapes. That’s why today, I will guide you to pick the Nike basketball shoes; best suited to your feet as well as play style.

We will discuss the best shoes based on performance, sole quality, and wide and narrow feet. Whether you are looking for affordable Nike basketball shoes, Nike zoom basketball shoes, or even Nike basketball shoes with the best cushioning. So, in the end, you can decide which option to choose without any hustle. So, without delaying much, let’s get straight into it!

Best Nike Basketball Shoes in 2022 Reviews

No.Best Nike basketball shoesQualityPrice
1Nike Kyrie 6High quality with Good Looks
2Best Low TopNike Zoom KD 12
3Best Nike Shoes for Wide FeetLeBron Soldier XII
4Best for Outdoor GameNike Air Bakin Posite
5Nike Lebron XVI Best Low Top basketball shoes:
6Nike PG 3 Basketball ShoesBest Bang for Buck
7Nike Men's Kobe MambaBest Nike Shoes Under $100
8Nike Unisex-Adult Precision 3 Best Women's Basketball shoes

Picking right shoe is not easy as some choices are not obvious to the average consumer. Like, what is the overall thickness of your shoes? Do you have a mid-foot or a wide forefoot? What kind of arches are integrated along your feet? (regular, fallen or high), How wide of an outsole based do you need? Do you need outriggers to help prevent your ankle from rolling out? Do you feel comfortable wearing two pairs of socks for a better fit? And would you add an insole for additional cushioning? To answer them, here is our review of best Nike basketball shoes for the year 2022.

1.  High quality with Good  Looks: Nike Kyrie 6

Nike Kyrie 6 Mens Basketball Sneakers

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Padded collar for comfortable sole
  • Lightweight yet enhanced movement
  • Added durability through solid construction
  • Sleek and stylish

When it comes to basketball sneakers, you might be unsure about which model and brand to trust, unlike most people. There are dozens of options widely available; each comes with its price tag and set of promises. However, as we speak, based on performance, price, and visuals, the Kyrie 6 by Nike clearly wins the competition.


The upper visuals of these best looking Nike shoes are top-notch. This is the reason it’s loved by millions. Resembling the Air Veezy 2, it featured reliable traction due to adjustable crosses over the backend laces. At the same time, the snug-fitting is induced through the mid-foot strap. This ensures that it made perfectly suitable for users with feet in different sizes and shapes, boosting your performance as you in a hardcore basketball game.

Mid Sole

With the help of zoom turbo cushioning, the midsole is quite durable yet lightweight. Besides, the heel counter locker is adjusted throughout the feet, maximizing the sole to toe traction. Although the midsole might not be as decent as some other Kyrie models, when it comes to ankle stability without compromising the counter lock, these shoes can make a difference. And if you want to utilize high energy when making those cuts, the zoom air technology won’t let you down.

Outer Sole

Speaking about the outer sole, the Kyrie 6, being the best seller of Nike basketball shoes, is tailored according to one’s need. For extra grip during tiresome sessions, its multi-pattern outer sole blades are performance-driven. Its constructed by solid gripping material extends in multiple directions at once; through this, you can manage each shot.

  • Adjustable strap increases versatility
  • Soft and supportive midsole
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Not suitable as guard shoes
  • Some user feel stiff
  • Pricy as compared to competitors


Overall, they are the best Nike high-top basketball shoes, within the $260 price tag. They might not be the most affordable, but we highly recommend them as we talk about visual appeal performance. So, what are you waiting for? Get these great Nike basketball shoes ever, and be ready for a new experience.

2.  Best Low Top : Nike Zoom KD 12

Nike Zoom KD 12 Shoes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Considerate bounce with full-length zoom
  • Ideal for both narrow and wide footers
  • Built from premium materials
  • Extra comfy with quality cushioning

If you’re searching for an all-rounder low-top basketball at a reasonable price, then you probably should check out Nike Zoom KD 12. When you consider comfy feel, performance, durability, and availability, no other basketball shoes match its perks. While Nike features it, so you know that you’re spending each buck on premium shoes.


The upper part of this featured shoe is highly versatile. It is equipped with decent ergonomics as well as a transparent color choice. The cushioning in Nike Zoom KD 12 is seriously out of the world. In contrast, the full-length Zoom air pad makes your foot not only extra stable but also gives you a comfy, cloud-like feel. They also rank for featured Nike shoes, which makes them renowned in the industry.

Mid Sole

The additional zoom bag at the side of the sole also is an added perk in its arsenal. Nike might’ve overfitted it a bit, but it doesn’t make a difference in professional basketball courts. The movement of the KD 12 might be the smoothest on the list. After wearing it, you might feel like you’re gliding. This will also mimic the ankle to toe movement, giving you the shots you richly deserve.

Outer Sole

The traction of the translucent rubber is also somewhat fantastic. However, it might merge dirt in harsh outdoor courts, but it may be more than enough for indoor usage. On the other hand, the materials used in KD 12 are light and durable, making it a fit for professional players.

  • The fly knit material gives a comfy feel around the ankle
  • The full-length articulated Zoom Air is sufficient for cushioning
  • Sturdy yet compact
  • Solid traction
  • Made from mediocre materials
  • It takes a bit of time to adjust


All in all, as these basketball sneakers are priced under $300, most users consider them a bit expensive and not recommendable. However, if you’re looking for quality shoes with extra bucks to spare, then they are definitely worth the price. But before you buy them, make sure your feet are comfortable for narrow footed in the midfoot.

3. Best Nike Shoes for Wide Feet:  LeBron Soldier XII

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Padded cushioning for added support
  • Textured outer sole makes it durable
  • Can be cleaned within minutes
  • Warranty included

Nowadays, as we know, shoes are getting lighter, faster, and more durable as well as more comfortable. But most of them are not an appropriate choice for basketball players with wider feet, which results in many complications throughout each game. This is the reason Nike Lebron Soldier XII stands out from the crowd. When it comes to holding players heavier with wide feet, these shoes won’t let you down.


The upper on these shoes might not be what you expect from high-tier Nike shoes, but due to its price tag, it will be more than enough. Besides, they will be light, durable, and breathable, as long as you’re not too hard on the surface. On the other hand, the exceptionally high collar on these shoes is useful in terms of ankle security.

Mid Sole

The materials used in Nike Lebron Soldier XII is highly durable yet classy. This will help you out in the harsh conditions of the outside environments. The Nike Lebron Soldier XII is quite decent on behalf of back and ankle support due to air units at the midsole and forefoot. This makes them a decent option as basketball shoes for big guys.

Outer Sole

The critical feature in this type of shoe is the massive zoom pattern in the forefoot, which is just going to feel absolutely phenomenal, giving you the explosive boost in each shot on the court. While the traction pattern is durable and deep, so you’re defiantly going to get your money’s worth of performance. Moreover, it is equipped with a vast base, which will feel extra stable out there on the court.

  • Equipped with deep footed traction pattern
  • Increased volume for the forefoot
  • Made from textile and synthetic leather
  • Provides both support and stability
  • Lack of quality straps
  • Less performance as compared to Solider 13


You can get these Basketball shoes for under $200, which is highly affordable as other basketball shoes on the market. These white basketball shoes have high-tier performance and some very durable and lightweight materials in the construction—a perfect option for users who want the Nike low cut basketball shoes.

4.  Best for Outdoor Game: Nike Air Bakin Posite

Nike Air Bakin Posite

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Slick tongue makes it irresistible
  • Equipped with a durable rubber compound
  • Highly popular in the market
  • Solid ergonomics

One of the vital components of outdoor basketball sneakers is durability. When you play outdoors, your shoes are going to get wear and tear up pretty fast. A lot faster, to be honest if you had played in indoor conditions. This is why you will need shoes that are going to protect your feet and could be stretched out through each dollar that you will spend. If that’s the case, then I and thousands of other professionals will recommend the Nike Air Bakin Posite.


The material used in the construction of these shoes is extremely durable. The upper foremost part of the Nike Air Bakin Posite is made from synthetic nubuck. And if you compare it with modern knit, you will feel the difference. This is why no matter how harsh outdoor conditions in which you play basketball, these shoes will still look fresh for a long time. All in all, the upper won’t budge at all, no matter what the circumstances are.

Mid Sole

The most effective part in Air Bakin Posite is definitely the black rubber part across the midsole. However, it will behave more like scratchy nylon. You might be wondering, why is it such a big thing? Well, as you out there dragging on both sides of the sole while performing moves like the killer cross, it will keep your feet stable. Similarly, in terms of ventilation, there is black mesh on the underlay. But don’t hold your hopes high as they won’t be perfect as newer models of Nike.

Outer Sole

A massive pillar of performance in any outdoor shoe is based upon the traction level. If that’s the case, you will be quite pleased as the Nike Air Bakin Posite is equipped with a full-length deep herringbone. That’s why the user reportedly mentioned no wear down in thousands of reviews out there.

  • Specially made for outdoor conditions
  • Ideal performance
  • Can last longer
  • The ventilation in it is mediocre
  • Not ideal for those looking for lightweight models


There will probably be many loose gravel and sticks on outdoor blacktop surfaces, which is why a lot of can get wrong in a short amount of time. So, you need a shoe which is known for its longevity. Overall, no matter what type of movement you will be pulling out on the harsh and rigid surface of outdoor courts, the Nike Air Baken won’t let you down.

5.  Best Low Top basketball shoes: Nike Lebron XVI

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • The cushion setting is adjustable
  • Equipped with premium traction
  • Perform well in rigid surfaces
  • Standout from previous models

If you’re a die-hard fan of older Lebron models from Nike and want serious performance in the hierarchy, then Nike Lebron XVI is a perfect match for you. These are a modern-day version of Labron Soldier XII, ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. However, due to their premium nature, they might be a bit costly.


The Lebron 16 are renowned in the line up due to the level of the cushioning system. Instead of going with the usual Air, Nike favored the Zoom Air category, making them well made and tailored toward serious sports like basketball. They are low top basketball shoes so that they might feel a bit more down to the ground. However, don’t get mistaken as they have a ton of cord feel.

Mid Sole

Speaking about the midsole, it’s incorporated with the help of highly featured and durable materials. For most of the shoe, the upper is knitted or more precisely known as battle knit, which is durable yet compact. At the same time, you might also find synthetic leather overlays along the base. Some of the Labron Soldier XII are equipped with glow in the dark feature for added perks. Although the previous models were not that functional in terms of breathability, this model has all the bells and whistles you may find in rated basketball shoes.

Outer Sole

Now in terms of traction, the Lebron 16 by Nike behaves more like Air bacon. It has an intense full length modified pattern. The rubber pattern compound in the outer sole isn’t durable as most of the shoes on our list, but the deep traction pattern effectively covers it up as it’s not flimsy at all. While the featured logo makes it more charming among competitors.

  • Improved containment as compared to other models
  • These shoes have improved traction
  • Adjustable in size
  • Incorporates heel slip
  • Highly expensive


Overall, these types of shoes are not made for beginners but are exclusively tailored toward experienced and more professional basketball players on improved courts. Although they are a choice, one needs to consider when choosing the best Nike basketball shoes in 2022.

6.  Best Bang for Buck: Nike PG 3 Basketball Shoes


Nike PG 3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Less intense on joints and knees
  • Incorporates a smooth flow
  • Integrated moon crater traction
  • Quality Zoom Air Cushioning

If you are currently tight on budget and want to get more out of spend dollars, I recommend the Nike PG 3 Basketball Shoes. They might not be made from useful materials and can wear down fast, especially on outdoor courts. But if you plan to use them indoors in regular games, then they won’t disappoint you!


At the start, Nike PG’s traction might not be highly functional, but we can’t really complain about the price tag. Besides, it will get better after each play, so you won’t worry about replacing them any time soon. These shoes come in different colors and sizes to tailor to multiple users’ needs and their playstyle at once. Although, one widely recommended for basketball is the mesh and synthetic combo, which is not only performance-driven but also gives a nice feel toward overall ergonomics.

Mid Sole

While it may need a bit of time to get used to, the forefoot feels ideal as it gets. The cushioning on the Nike PG3 gives it added points. It is smooth and can be taken for longevity. Plus, it will definitely support the overall bounce to some extent in each shot you perform on the court.

Outer Sole

The translucent rubber material used in the construction of its outer sole is pretty decent. It can provide stability as well as give the classical track shoe vibe. But be careful when performing any moves which result in skidding as it will damage the sole soon. But on the bright side, you can use this con to your advantage by integrating it in your morning jog or walk.

  • Ergonomically stable
  • Equipped with Zoom Air Cushioning
  • A highly affordable option in the market
  • Made from reasonable materials
  • Can degrade quickly
  • Lack of bounce

7. Best Nike Shoes Under $100: Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Hard cushioning heels
  • Most Affordable option in the market
  • Sturdy construction
  • Available in a variety of colors

Like me, if you love Kobe and signature shoes incorporated to him (Kobe Bryant shoes), you would definitely like the newest addition to Kobe sneakers collection by Nike, i.e., Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba. These are the lowest price models in the category, retailed just under $100. But considering the performance in different courts, they are suitable for basketball.


The fitting on these shoes is a bit longer as compared to previous Kobe shoes 43,000. This means for the people with narrower and longer feet; it will be able to fit right. They are practical sneakers for both outdoor and indoor conditions. Furthermore, you can avail of these shoes in various color sizes, each of them with its own set of aesthetics and charm. This means you will get reasonability with versatility on the same roof. So whether you search for black Nike basketball shoes all time or white basketball shoes, you won’t have any difficulty.

Mid Sole

Speaking of the midsole, Nike has gone with traditional fly line midsole in Kobe Mamba, with no drop in setup. The midsole with upper built on top of that, not a shell with a decline within, as it’s an affordable option. As it Boasts a rubber sole, so you can expect long-lasting traction on the court. This way, you can impress your opponent with your moves or move to pass them without any hurdle.

Outer Sole

The Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba incorporates snake scale traction at the back end. The gum rubber embedded at half of the side makes it durable. On top of it, the material itself at the outer sole is very thick and firm, so you will be able to get the premium signature feel to it.

  • The heel itself is made from quality materials
  • The cushioning is ideal for a low budget shoe
  • Lightweight yet cheap
  • Supports the feet
  • Minimal impact protection
  • The traction is mediocre
  • Not recommended for narrow feet users


If you’re constantly looking for cool basketball shoes at an affordable price, then the Nike Kobe Mamba is an ideal choice. Plus, you can avail them as white basketball shoes, giving the versatility that you richly deserve.

8.  Best Women’s Basketball shoes: Nike Unisex-Adult Precision 3

Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Nubuck

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Great shoes for both woman and men
  • Solid texture and can be cleaned easily
  • Integrated foam cushioning is responsive
  • Decent bounce

Nowadays, footwear companies like Nike and Adidas are more focused on performance with visuals than Uni-sex nature. However, one of the renowned basketball shoes fit for users of different genders and ages is definitely the Nike Unisex Precision 3.


The Nike Uni-sex Precision 3 are decent shoes that usually comes in a larger size to accommodate ankle support. On the other hand, the soft fabric lining makes it beneficial for indoor games. This economical sneaker is lightweight yet responsive. You will feel the burn after wearing and using it on the court.

Besides, the bounce is tailored to support basketball players so that you won’t feel any complications. Moreover, the upper mesh in Nike Uni-sex Precision 3 is highly functional and provides breathability to the user.

After wearing it, you will feel comfortable with a high-end basketball shoe. However, the upper mesh material might be a bit undone, but other than that, it’s ready to explode on the court!

Mid Sole

With the help of synthetic overlays throughout the midsole, you will get extra resilience. Similarly, the classical lace-up design fits around the fit, so get protection from slippage. They can easily fit down on your forefoot and ankle. Furthermore, the cushion is also quite decent when considering the price point. And for most of the scenarios, it will work just fine. Ergonomically speaking, the shock-absorbing design incorporated with the cushion padding made this model efficient.

Outer Sole

This powerful footwear support and sticks with users of different playstyles. No matter how hard you push them, they won’t fall apart easily. Even though being a Nike budget option, it lacks premium material, especially in the outer sole. That’s why we won’t recommend it to users that are a bit heavy and tends to rely more on responsiveness.

  • It is easy to install and are much durable
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Padded collar for additional containment
  • The outer sole is not durable
  • It can be a bit tight sometimes


For a lighter guard on most of the courts, these shoes don’t only look fantastic but deliver outstanding performance. And the best thing is that they are fit for both men and women alike, which is hard to find in current Nike shoes on the market.

How To Clean The Best Nike Basketball Shoes in 2022

Before you start cleaning your basketball shoes, you need to consider the space for adjusting them. After a stressful game, most people stuff away from their basketball shoes in a gym bag or sturdy spots.

But leaving them in places like these for an extended period might result in severe complications like building up odor and deformation. That’s why it’s best to keep them in an open space like roomy closets or spacious rooms, in which they receive constant airflow. Furthermore, after drying up, make sure to store them back in their spot.

Similarly, try to keep your indoor shoes away from outdoor games. Constant exposure to the external environment can naturally tear their shape and get them filthy no matter how resilient is their construction. This way you won’t spend need to spend hours cleaning them nor spending each time on the new pair.


To incorporate proper cleaning onto your basketball shoes, try to get a shoe brush (soft-bristled is preferred) or toothbrush, a liter of more warm water, detergent as well a couple of sponges. Similarly, if your shoes are built through leather, make sure to use leather cleaner. Start the process slow by brushing the excessive dirt at the outsole region.

Now mix your detergent in warm water and smoothly apply it at the upper and midsole to clean off the dirt and residue. However, you also have the liberty to clean them thoroughly by removing the inner sole.

Finally, with the aid of sponges, wash off the excess soap from your shoes. After cleaning, try to air dry them with proper care instead of drying them directly in sunlight.


Basketball shoes are one of the vital equipment in the game itself. That’s why try to keep them cleaned and take care of them when possible. It will not only make your gameplay smooth but also help to increase overall durability. So, this was our review of the best Nike basketball shoes to play in 2022. I hope now you can get your shoe without any complications.




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