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How to Clean Your Basketball Shoes: Pro Caring Tips 

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You’re familiar with that sense of excitement you get when you unfold a brand-new box of basketball sneakers? When the box opens and all wrapping barriers are removed, you’ll see a pair of new shoes waiting to be worn. They’re crisp and gorgeous, with a stuffing that mimics how they’ll enhance your stylishness when you wear them. They also have a distinctive newness scent. Don’t you wish they always remain that way? How can you keep your sneakers looking and feeling new as they did on the first day after you’ve worn them for hours each day?

Cleaning your basketball shoes on regular basis is the first utmost solution to show them care, keep their first-rate grip and form, and make sure they remain comfortable and fulfil performance needs. In this article, we’ll discuss some effective methods from professionals to clean and care your basketball shoes at home.

How to Clean Basketball shoes ?

If you are searching the ways how to clean your dirty basketball shoes especially white ones, then you are in the right place. Do you find it difficult to clean dirt and stubborn stains from your shoes? Don’t worry almost every basketball player faces this problem and we bring in very easy but effective solution for that problem.

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After a game, you may be rushing to get out with your teammates and friends so that you can have some fun.

It’s best to store your basketball gear in a bag that can properly contain them for an extended period. They may lose their form if you keep them in your gym bag for too long, applying a lot of pressure to the seams. It’s also possible that they won’t air out correctly as a result of the lack of ventilation.

Instead, keep your shoes in an open area or a closet with plenty of ventilation after use. That will allow these shoes to dry out before your next play. When they’ve had time to dry, store your shoes in their original container rather than on your bedroom floor, where they are prone to being kicked around or tripped over.

To keep your shoes even more appealing, consider using a shoe deodorizer, which may be in solid form or a simple spray.

You may also consider buying a pair or two of basketball shoes and rotating them between games, giving each pair more time to dry and using it less.


The most important rule is to never walk around outside in your indoor shoes.

The protective lining of your basketball shoes will wear out quicker if you use them on different indoor/outdoor surfaces. If you avoid exposing them to concrete or asphalt, they will certainly last longer.

So a pro tip to keep your basketball shoes more clean and grippy is to wear them only on the court. That will keep them save from early wear and tear and you have to spend less time to clean them.


Regular cleanings are necessary to keep your shoes in excellent condition.

You should clean them at the very least once a game. Why? It can decrease general odor, aid in the prevention of tear and wear by removing dirt from your sneakers’ tread, and keep your basketball shoes from deteriorating by reducing grime that wears down your tread.

First and foremost, don’t put your shoes in the washer or dryer. You should also avoid putting them entirely underwater.


Here’s how to clean your basketball shoes the right way:

  1. Remove as much dirt from the outside of your shoe with a soft-bristled shoe brush or toothbrush.
  2. Soak the leather with a little laundry detergent in warm water. Cleaning filthy regions of the shoe using a sponge or soft cloth is simple with just a tiny amount.
  3. Remove your insole and clean it using a water/detergent solution.
  4. With a second sponge, rinse away the extra soap from the shoe and insole using only water.
  5. Dry your shoes at room temperature. You should keep them away from direct sun light during
  6. Moreover drying using direct heat (such as a hair dryer) or heater will also cause damage .

Basketball shoes are one of the most essential pieces of sporting equipment you have, so it’s critical to treat them right. Keeping your shoes clean and in good form should help maintain a solid footing while also preserving their appearance.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you put basketball shoes in the dryer?

A big no to the dryer use because machines will quickly damage the shoes. Usually, different shoe brands warn their products, ” don’t put your shoes in the dryer. “ The excessive heat cause damage to the rubber sole and the glue that holds different layers together. Even sometimes, inner fabrics or materials can shrink due to high temperatures. The dryer can also de- shape your basketball shoes, which will hit hard their grip and performance. Air drying is a good and safe option.

Can you put basketball shoes in the washing machine?

First, see the manufacturer’s instructions provided with your shoes. If they allow you to machine wash your shoes, use gentle wash mode with soft detergents. Secondly, if a manufacturer stays quiet or disallows machine wash, you shouldn’t put your basketball shoes in the washing machine. Washers can cause shrinkage and discoloring of the different shoe materials. Strong chemicals and bleach can permanently damage the soles and shoe material.

How to clean basketball shoe soles?

The best and simplest way to clean the shoes is to combine baking soda and white vinegar mixture in equal amounts. Apply the mixture with a toothbrush and leave the mixture paste on the sole for ten minutes. Use a clean and damp cloth to remove the paste from the shoes and rub the cloth to shine.


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