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Basketball Sizes Guide

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Age Gender Basketball Size
9-11 Youth Size 5(27.5 inches)
12 and up Women, girls Size 6(28.5 inches)
12-14 Boys Size 6(28.5 inches)
15 and up Men Size 7(29.5 inches)

29.5 inches(size 7) Full size

This basketball size is termed as a full size.  NBA uses this size officially. This size is also recommended by the college and high school basketball leagues for the boys for more than 15 years and men

28.5 inches(size 6) Intermediate size

This size is called intermediate and seems suitable to Women, girls (more than twelve years old) and boys’ ages between twelve to fifteen Women’s leagues, including the WNBA, use this size officially.

27.5 inches(size 5) Junior Size

It is the recommended size for boys and girls ages nine to eleven. This size is termed as junior and an official size for basketball leagues

25.5 inches (size 4) Rookie Size

This basketball ball size is referred to rookie and suitable for the boys and girls ages below nine and quite easy to handle if they just started to play around with a basketball. At some places, a ball size of 24.5 inches is also used for the kids of four years plus. These sizes are recommended by the coaches after measuring the palm-size of the kids

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